Published 07.11.2017 - Updated 07.11.2017

Deep Vision acoustic integration

Christian Michelsen Research has integrated support for Deep Vision images in their acoustic interpretation software LSSS. See video of the new functionality in use on a recent cruise conducted by the Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Norway.

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Published 25.04.2017 - Updated 07.11.2017

Annual report 2016

In this sixth CRISP year the process of developing new knowledge, new fishing gears and instruments for the fishing fleet as important tools for making the trawl and purse seine fisheries more sustainable has continued. These achievements have only been possible because of extensive cooperation between the centre’s industry partners and research institutes. 

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Published 10.10.2016 - Updated 10.10.2016

Presented CRISP at the high-level Ny-Ålesund symposium

Manager Aud Vold presented the CRISP project at this year’s Ny-Ålesund symposium which aimed to highlight the ocean as an important source of food, fossil and renewable energy and a rich source of genetic resources, provided a sustainable approach to the oceans.


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Published 13.09.2016 - Updated 13.09.2016

Annual CRISP meeting in Egersund

The annual meeting for Centre for sustainable catch, CRISP, is held in Egersund today and tomorrow. Close to 40 partner representatives have gathered to discuss recent technological developments and the centre’s future after funding from the Norwegian Research Council ends in 2019.

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Published 01.09.2016 - Updated 01.09.2016

Scantrol Deep Vision wins Nor-Fishing Innovation Award

The Deep Vision underwater camera system for fish measurement and sorting in the trawl has been awarded Nor-Fishing’s Innovation Award. Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg handed over the award at the official opening at Nor-Fishing today.

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