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Innovations in CRISP

1. Acoustic methods 
Development of sonars and echo sounders for measuring quantity, species and size of a school prior to catching.  
Benefit: Provides the skipper with a tool to measure quantity, species and fish size of a school, which influences use of time, fuel consumption, business economics and social economics.

2. Calibration of fisheries sonars.
Development of equipment and procedures1 to calibrate the fisheries sonars with an accuracy of 2-3 %.     
Benefit: Provides the skipper with a tool for measuring correct biomass of a fish school

3. Echo sounder system 
Development of a new echo sounder system and methods2 to measure the size of individual fish inside a school is developed     
Benefit: Provides the skipper with a tool to evaluate the size for fish individual before setting the seine. 

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4. Transponders.
Development of transponders that may be attached to the seine that may be used simultaneously with sonar data to visualize the net geometry of the seine on a monitor in the wheelhouse.     
Benefit: Gives the skipper a tool to monitor the seine relative to bottom and fish schools. This may make capture more efficient and improve the security. 

5 Sonar
Development of a new sonar for use inside a seine. 
Benefit: Provides the skipper with at too to evaluate if whole or parts of a catch must be slipped

6 Operationalized Deep Vision in-trawl camera system.
Development of in-trawl camera system for species identification and measurement.
Benefit: Product ready for improved fisheries surveys in order to improve spatial resolution, and increase the ability to carry out surveys with reduced/eliminated mortality.

2016 Deep Vision.pdf 

7 Simrad FX Integrated information system
Development of information system to stream live video, trawl sonar and echo sounder information from trawl to bridge.
Benefit: Live video sends real-time information5 on what species are being captured

Mote about Simrad FX 

8 Simrad PX MultiSensor trawl door sensor and TVI topside interface

Relays information on distance between trawl doors, distance off seabed, pitch and roll of trawl doors to optimize positioning and trawl performance, and improved real-time display of trawl geometry information on vessel bridge

More about Simrad PX Multi Sensor 

9 Trawl doors 

Developed trawl doors which can adjust the spread and position in the water column.  
Benefit: Adjustment of the door spread forces is beneficial when using different trawl sizes on the same fishing trip, when fishing in shallow and deep waters with short and long towing warps and to reduce total trawl drag and thus speed when targeting separated fish shoals. Positioning of the two trawl doors in equal heights above the bottom is important to maintain geometry of the trawl system and thus catchability when fishing with a semi-pelagic trawling technique. 


10 Flexible trawl 
Developed a flexible trawl and rigging for both semi-pelagic and demersal fishing.    
Benefit: In an ecosystem approach to fisheries, reduction of seabed impact is considered important. Demersal trawls are commonly used but may have an impact on the seabed. At certain times, semi-pelagic trawling can be used to a similar efficiency as demersal trawling, reducing the impact to the seabed.